Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter egg shirts

Emma had a long sleeve shirt that had stains on the sleeves so I used the rotary cutter to zip off the sleeves. I put a little elastic in the short arm holes to give them a little ruffe edge. I removed the tall collar and the buttons. I edged the collar with purple knit and put on 2 egg shapes that were different colors. The first I stitched striaght on the second I stitched in lines straight across then used the scissors to cut in between.
This was the result. I also put a couple extra inches on the bottom because this shirt was getting a bit small. If I do it again I will use regular cotton instead of knit to see if it will fray more and give a more ruffled effect. I made one for the older three girls but this one was the most involed. They loved to wear them for easter and I made good used of old stained white shirts!

Monday, April 2, 2012

t shirt to dress

So Ruby found a size 7 shirt she insisted on wearing so I made it into a dress for her, it was slim enough so it didnt need much.

I added elastic to the inside of the back to slim up the waist.
I then cut off the bottom of another adult sized
black shirt and used the existing hem.
I then pinned it and straight stiched it.